Odysseus: On the River of Time is an epic piece of literature that not only shows the importance of literature but also enables the reader to appreciate the art of story-telling. Every line is great and the verses supremely crafted.

The author’s expressive nature and the excellence shown in writing are some of the things that make Carl Hare an outstanding author.

I enjoyed following Odysseus through his journey, going through exotic locations, meeting captivating characters, and absorbing conflicts. Reading Odysseus: On the River of Time will increase your urge to read more epic poems because of how incredible the author is. The best thing of all is the presentation of characters. I appreciate how superior characters like Apollo were presented and how Helen fit into this unique narrative.

– Literary Titan (4 Star Review)

“Exciting, suspenseful, and expertly crafted, Homer would be pleased by author Carl Hare’s extension of the original Odyssey. If you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast and you like to read, Odysseus: On The River of Time is for you.”
   – DartFrog Books


“This book is certainly epic in scope and style, and it also has the essential virtue of being excellent story-telling.”
– Allan Briesmaster, poet

“I never thought I would truly enjoy epic poetry again ….”
– Gary Potter

“A magnificent book. I am overwhelmed … every page captured me and I found it ringing in my head as you maintained style and rhythm throughout. The characters lived.”
– Ann Saddlemyer, Master Emerita, Scholar of Irish Theatre and Poetry & Master of Massey College



Carl Hare brings fresh purpose to epic poetry in the book Spenser (On the River of Time). Just like book 1, the author is exceptional with narration, description of events, and the direction the characters are taking.

Carl Hare makes the reading experience fun and even more enjoyable for readers that are new to this genre.

One notable element in this book is the use of a real historical figure in a work of fiction. The author blends every part of the book to elevate a real character in a fictitious work and in doing so creates an engaging story that is hard to put down.

The characters are emotive and easy to empathize with. Spenser (On the River of Time) is everything historical fiction fans could want in an adventure story from a gilded age. I enjoyed the style of narration, and loved the edifying effect the book has on literature enthusiasts.

– Literary Titan (5 Star Review)

“Congratulations on another coup d’etat, an extraordinary feat of delicately balancing the two masks, with sympathy for both. I am impressed by the flow from present to past, and enjoyed the evocation of the two nations, geographically and psychically.  I look forward to book three!”
– Ann Saddlemyer, Master Emerita, Scholar of Irish Theatre and Poetry & Master of Massey College

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