To write in brief my rented days, which add
Up to thirty-thousand, both good and bad,
As well, three hundred more that I rank so-so,
And some spare leap-year days from long ago,
Could as you may suspect, take quite awhile,
Which those twittered won’t, I’m afraid, beguile.

And so I’ll keep it mercifully short.
Born and adopted starts this brief report,
In Edmonton, there as a child learn and play
And then won two degrees from U of A.

Married, Taught at Vic College, left to train
As actor at the RADA, not in vain,

Acted in rep, returned to finish up
Degree #2 (see above), taught this time
At Saskatchewan, then freelanced
In Vancouver, and finally advanced
To start toward a Theatre Department
At the new UVic; then to augment
This work, new festivals of plays began.

On leave, to study more in Europe ran,
Laban and Lecoq the main training ground.

Then back to explore with new techniques found,
Build Company One to train and tour
With unique shows to hold and to conjure
The mysteries of theatre. Then on leave

Teach at NTS, act, direct, achieve
Before return. Then on to U of A

As chair, and continue to assay
More in profession, to start to write
Plays and poems.

Now still I explore
Both in performance and with pen galore,
The evidence for which you now can see
In other sections of this site fully.