Odysseus: On the River of Time | Book One

A legendary hero embarks on an extraordinary voyage that tests the human spirit in this harrowing story of survival and courage in the face of defeat, personal triumph and loss.

Odysseus: On the River of Time is Book One of an epic trilogy that takes readers on a literary and poetic journey where gods and mortals clash.

Spenser: On the River of Time | Book Two

Riveting and poignant, readers are taken on a poetic odyssey as the saga continues with Spenser: On the River of Time, and is book two of the epic trilogy. This book explores the vulnerabilities, dangers and risk endured by the great Elizabethan poet, Edmund Spenser.

Archer: On the River of Time | Book Three

Coming Spring 2022

A Weathering of Years

These poems explore our ages by the season: Child’s adventure in untidy garden With its ancient, stooped gardener; young poet Begging in Seattle; celebrations Of birth, birthdays and of deaths; old Ibsens, Restless in their solace; backyard elegy; And more beside, all etched in shifting verse.