What now?

Research.  Lots and lots of research.  For Odysseus, not only the myths associated with him but the nature of Greece three thousand years ago in the Mycenean Age—what the whole of the area was like then, what cities and towns there were, what life was like, and what we know of the other figures in the mythology.  For example, there are at least five different myths about Helen, whose reputation varied from despicable to heroic.  And, of course, the figures in the Trojan War.  What happened for marriage?  For birth?  For death?

When I started this research, there was no Googol, nor even an online—all had to be researched in books, usually in university libraries.  And as figures came alive, and cities and fortresses  could be lived in, I could then begin to think of Odysseus’ second great journey and start to see his trek and adventures

–just as a start.