I have been asked why and how I have written an epic trilogy, the last volume of which is expected to be finished by the fall of this year.

Well, I had no idea that I would even think of such a thing.  First of all, my entire career has been involved in theatre, both professional and academic, as an actor, a director, a researcher, and, near the end, as a playwright.  It was in the nineties that I turned to this latter interest, and even then it dealt with a theatrical subject.

My late wife was of Norwegian ancestry, which deepened my interest in Henrik Ibsen.  I went twice to see the International Ibsen Festival in Oslo, and over those years an idea grew in my mind of a play about Ibsen and his wife Suzannah.  Delving deeply into both his plays and his life led me to writing the play, excerpts of which you can see on my blogs.  That writing had significant consequences on my artistic life.

Where those consequences have led I’ll reveal in the next blog.