PrintOdysseus begins where Homer’s Odyssey leaves off, and recounts the Greek hero’s final quest to settle his debt with the god Poseidon. He must travel to many cities carrying a wooden oar, find a land that knows no salt, and offer a sacrifice to the god on the site where a stranger asks the purpose of the oar. During his perilous journey he becomes involved in the intrigues swirling among the great Trojan War veterans and their heirs, and must also protect his own family and kingdom. Written in a poetic style reminiscent of the Homeric past, Odysseus is Book One of the epic trilogy, On the River of Time, which examines three figures – one mythical, one historical, and one fictional – from different time periods spanning almost three thousand years: Odysseus in Greece; Spenser, the poet, in Ireland; and Archer, a renegade actor/director in Canada.

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DartFrog calls this book, Exciting, suspenseful, and expertly crafted, Homer would be pleased by author Carl Hare’s extension of the original Odyssey. If you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast and you like to read,Odysseus: On The River of Time is for you.
 – DartFrog Books


Odysseus: On the River of Time | Book One Trailer