Many apologies for those of you who have wanted to hear from me over the past few months.  The fact is, I have been immersed in revisions for Archer, Book Three of the epic trilogy, On the River of Time.  Now they have gone to my long-time editor and friend Carolyn Zapf, and while I await her comments I actually have some time to write a blog.  Hopefully, I will do so once a week.  We shall see.

I’ve found at my advanced age that, living for the most part alone (but with the family nearby, and a social life of sorts), I have become more aware of things around me, and with my windows revealing a great lake, mountains and sky, there is much to catch my attention, as when below on the mountain I see a doe and her fawn mutually licking each other affectionally, a lone doe watching forlornly.  But more of this in later blogs.  In the meantime, here are photos taken from my windows.